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Main Road Stone Pillars opposite Downs place-9586.jpg
One of Granville's great mysteries is the location of Deacon David Rose's house, where Lemuel Haynes grew up as an indentured servant.

The homes of David Rose's brothers, John and Daniel, still exist not far from the site of these pillars.

Degano House and Pond-9051.jpg
Degano house, built 1910 (per town property card) and pond. Photo date unknown. Notes indicate it was owned by the Deganos. Sheriff Manning later rented. Owned by Ed Jensen in the late 1980's.

Unknown Farm-8867.jpg
From a George Aldrich glass negative, likely 1910 to 1930.This image was shared on the Granville-Tolland community Facebook group page on June 17, 2022. BF comented: "Looks like the old Phelon homestead." RD "Liked" that Comment so unless someone…

Tolland Massachusetts Old Town Hall-8866.jpg
Old Town Hall and Shed, Tolland, Massachusetts. Photo date unknown. Photographer likely George Aldrich. The shed was used to house the town hearse, which was a wagon with a box on it, drawn by one horse (source: Hattie Hall Moore, 1939).

Water Street 0042 road next to pond before new dam-8065.jpg
Replacement of the dam, sluice and roadway at the Noble & Cooley drum shop at 42 Water Street, Granville, MA. The top photo shows the old dam and roadway, the rest show the new dam under construction.

The date is unknown. Possibly late 1920's,…

Lloyd house Pittsfield 1889 LR.jpg
The Pittsfield, Massachusetts home of Maria Ann (Terrett) Lloyd (1825-1912), whose husband Lemuel Gardner Lloyd was long deceased (1866) when this 1889 photo was taken. It was while visiting here in 1876 that Maria's father, George Washington…

Placemarker for photo of this house.

House went down in 1936 or '37.

Granby Road 0044 May Noble 1941  Hiers Photo 07-5239.jpg
44 Granby Road, Granville, Massachusetts

Photo: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers. The home of May Noble at that time.

Granby Road 0054 W H Sanderson 1941  Hiers Photo 075-5241.jpg
54 Granby Road, Granville, Massachusetts.

Photo taken by Herb Hiers, summer 1941. The home of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Sanderson at that time.

unidentified house Jesse Cone 1941  Hiers Photo 088-5254.jpg
Photo: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers. The home of Jesse Cone. Later Charles Hansen.
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