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Aldrich George and cow 1939.jpg
George Aldrich with a cow that has the profile of a woman on the cow's side, 28 Aug 1939.

George Aldrich took many of the photos that appear on the Granville History site.

Granville Map Northwest Quadrant 1912.jpg
1912 map of Granville, by Richards Map Company, Springfield, Ma.

Due to the size of the original map it has been digitized in four quadrants, plus detailed images of the main town centers (West Granville, Granville Center, and Granville Village).

Storm 1940 03 07 car 1.jpg
Photos taken in Granville, March 7 and 9, 1940 after a major snowstorm.

Ballot Box Granville.jpg
Granville employs state of the art technology to prevent election interference from foreign and domestic hackers.

Granville 1855 map.jpg
1855 maps of Granville as follows:
1. Granville map from Hampden County Atlas
2. Four close-up images of above map showing each quadrant (NW, NE, SW, SE).
3. Hand-drawn map of West Granville, and detail image of same drawing.

Granville 1870 Map.jpg
Granville, Massachusetts Maps, 1870. Maps can be enlarged by clicking on the map.

1. Map of Granville
2. East Granville (Granville Center)
3. Granville Corners (Village)
4. West Granville
5. Detail Map: Northwest
6. Detail Map: Northeast

Citizens Park Dedication 1999 10 03 001.pdf
History and photos of the Granville Citizen's Park, dedicated on October 3, 1999.

Hansen Milton Sr and Jr 1945 02.jpg
The snowstorm of February 1945.
Tractor Photo: G. Milton Hansen and his son, Milton E. Hansen
Truck/Snowblower Photos: This equipment was said to have come from the Westover air base.

Green with Fed Church and Wilcox Hotel.jpg
An interesting view of what is now the green. This is looking north from the fork in Granby Road near the Federated Church parking lot. The Granville Store is just out of sight to the left. Left to right, the Universalist Church (gone) is in the…

Cover Open Space Recreation Plan 2004.jpg
This book is available in paper copy at the Historical Room however we suggest you refer to the online version which is available in full on the Town web site. You can read it by clicking HERE.Note that in the online version of the Plan the fold-out…

Vital records for the Town of Granville to the year 1850. This complete book is available ONLINE at THIS LINK.It is also available in print version at the Granville Library Historical Room. Researchers are encouraged to use the online version due to…
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