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Dickinson Reunions 1906 to 1925.pdf
Records from 1906-1925 reunions of descendants of Bevel Dickinson. Most were held in or near Granville. Includes lists of attendees and their signatures.

The 1906 reunion included all living descendants of Bevel Dickinson. They went to the…

Hunt May UMass Flower Queen 1953-6953.jpg
Clipping from the 28 October 1953 Springfield Union newspaper concerning the Flower Queen finalists at the 41st annual UMass horticulture show. Granville's May Hunt was one of the finalists.

Parade Oxen Wagon-7144.jpg
This photo was taken in front of 458 Main Road, Granville, MA. during the 1976 Bicentennial Celebration Parade. The photo was shared with the Granville-Tolland Community Forum group (Facebook), 26 Feb 2021 to crowdsource the identities of the people…

Celia 2021 Feb.jpg
From Wilson's "History of Granville Massachusetts":

"In November, 1896, a fair was held, the first in twenty-five years, if you can credit such a seemingly impossible statement. This brought in nearly $500.00.
The chief interest in this fair…

Short Howard portrait-7662.jpg
Howard Short was a student at the Hartford Seminary. He boarded at the Nelson farm in West Granville and preached at the West Granville Church, including taking part in the church's 150th celebration in 1931.

Sheets Alice Aldrich May 1930 snow in Tolland-7656.jpg
Alice Sheets and May Aldrich Hague, Tunxis Club Road, Tolland, MA., 1930

Ore Hill School 1923 class photo detail-7667.jpg
Ore Hill School Class, 1923, West Granville, Massachusetts.

Aldrich Catch 1908 photo-7639.jpg
George Aldrich was a trapper by trade, coming to West Granville by 1908. George boarded at the Major Nelson on West Hartland Road. Major Nelson told George he could trap anything he wanted with the exception of Major's daughter, Ruth.
George did not…

Ore Hill School abt 1882-7641.jpg
Ore Hill School class, about 1882. See note for some names.

Shaughnessy Swamp 2021 Jan 10 Copyright Giguere's Aerial.jpg
Copyrighted aerial photos courtesy of Giguere Photography, taken Jan. 10, 2021. Used here with permission.
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