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Rev Joel Baker Ordination Emerson Sermon 1797 06 21.pdf
A discourse delivered by Rev. John Emerson, Pastor of the Congregational Church at Conway, MA. on the occasion of the ordination of Rev. Joel Baker becoming Pastor of the Second Church of Granville (the West Granville church).

This document was…

File 1 of 5 updated Daniel Rose House, W. Granville NR District, by Geske[22598].pdf
Research into the Daniel Rose House, circa 1741, at 1442 Main Road, done by Corey Victoria (Phelon) Geske, in memory of her brother the late William Brian Phelon. Bill Phelon, known to many as "Bill On the Hill" who owned this house and devoted many…

Part 2 of the Historical Room's folder with miscellaneous clippings, articles and notes relating to the Baker family of Granville.

This folder also includes information on the Curtis family and particularly on the subject of bed rugs / bed ruggs.

Main Road 1442 1891 photo from C Geske.jpg
House at 1442 Main Road, c. 1741, associated with Daniel Rose, Lt. Jacob Baldwin Baldwin, Rev. Joel Baker, Gibb, Bearse, Teddy Pendrake, Ernie Sattler and William Phelon. Assessors records indicate built 1773 however Ernie Sattler had a consultant…
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