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Unknown Farm-8867.jpg
From a George Aldrich glass negative, likely 1910 to 1930.This image was shared on the Granville-Tolland community Facebook group page on June 17, 2022. BF comented: "Looks like the old Phelon homestead." RD "Liked" that Comment so unless someone…

Bloomberg Marjorie.jpg
Obituary: GRANVILLE – Marjorie Williams Webb Bloomberg, 93, died September 19, 2012 at the Wayland Nursing and Rehabilitation Home, Wayland, MA. Marjorie was born February 15, 1919 in Westfield. She lived in and loved Granville all her life. She was…

File 1 of 5 updated Daniel Rose House, W. Granville NR District, by Geske[22598].pdf
Research into the Daniel Rose House, circa 1741, at 1442 Main Road, done by Corey Victoria (Phelon) Geske, in memory of her brother the late William Brian Phelon. Bill Phelon, known to many as "Bill On the Hill" who owned this house and devoted many…

Laurel Vesper Service at Phelon Farm Granville 1940.pdf
Springfield Union account of a service held at the farm of Austin T. Phelon on Sunday, June 23, 1940. Article published on June 24.

A remarkable event attended by over 1000 people during "Laurel Week." Dr. James Gordon Gilkey of Springfield…

Brunson Wells and Phelon Elma at farm old Blandford Road David Cesan scan 2019.jpg
These digital images were contributed by David Cesan in August, 2019. His description of the first and second photos above follows: "Late 1940s. Wells and Elma Phelon [Stow?] Bronson at their home on old Blanford Rd. Second photo shows Wells with my…

Phelons House Snow001.jpg
The Phelon house after a snowstorm. Undated.

Phelon John Lewis WW1.jpg
John Lewis Phelon, Granville World War I Veteran, from a display created for Memorial Day, 1974. [PHOTO MISSING]

Phelon Susan Ann Animated 01.mp4
Susan (Phelon) Barber, 1885-1967. World War 1 veteran.Kathleen Clifford Ivory shared this remembrance of Sue Phelon:SUE PHELON & Aldrich Family Sue Phelon played an almost larger than life role in our family's history because it was honestly…
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