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Granville Dam Properties Blueprint Northwest.jpg

Collection of Granville maps.

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Cemeteries (By Cemetery)

Northeast Headstones and Names 1.pdf

Information on the following cemeteries:
Main Road (Center)
Silver Street (not digitized yet)
West Granville

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Granville Country Store (Gibbons Store), 11 Granby Road

Granby Road Post Office Square and store.jpg

A collection of photos of the store located on the village green in Granville, Massachusetts

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Diaries, Journals and Daily Records

FTI1889 12 point.pdf

Collection of diaries, journals and daily records kept by people with Granville roots.

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Catalog of Books and Documents In The Historical Room

Catalog Titles X Y Z.pdf

Catalog of books and documents in the Historical Room, listed alphabetically by title or title subject.

IMPORTANT: The catalog is also searchable…

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Fire Department

2019 08 13 Extrication Drill.jpg

This Collection relates to the Granville Fire Department, Granville, Massachusetts. Most photos are from the Department's collection. You can learn…

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Oral History Recordings

Orchard Chris.jpg

Recordings of Granville residents past and present, talking about life in Granville.

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Hunt May UMass Flower Queen 1953-6953.jpg

Granville events.

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Houses and Other Structures

Bettinger Album 017 Dickinson Mill  c 1922-5349.jpg

Photos of houses in Granville, including notes on the reverse of the photo where applicable. Information is believed to be accurate but we welcome…

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