Diaries, Journals and Daily Records


Diaries, Journals and Daily Records


Collection of diaries, journals and daily records kept by people with Granville roots.

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Mary Harkins Frisbie (1858-1941) "Grandmother Stories"
"A biographical sketch of an unfortunate city waif, early made a ward of the State of Massachusetts: yet who became in time a noble mother and New England housewife, skilled and respected by her many descendants, and a proper example for all who…

Peter Gibbons Letter, July 4, 1820
A letter written by Peter Gibbons of Granville, Massachusetts, on July 4, 1820 addressed to his grandchildren. It is believed he wrote several of these letters, addressing each letter to a different grandchild. It must have been a major effort for…

Stub: The Life and Times of Francis Robert Hunt, by Lodema "Dolly" Hunt
"In order to find your way in the future, it is very important to know where you come from. The future is built upon the blocks of the past. Please enjoy this beautiful story of hard work, faith, family and love."Born in Granville in 1903, the life…

Thomas A. Banks (1851-1939): Life Story
The story of Thomas Banks' life, as told by himself in 1934. His remarkable story is shared here with the permission of his descendants.

Note the story is in two parts; Chapters 1 thru 3 in the first window, followed by Chapters 4 thru 7 in the…

Frank Truman Ives Diaries, 1889 thru 1892
Frank Truman Ives (25 Oct 1873 - 27 Feb 1963) diaries from 1889 thru 1892. He was the son of Cyrus William Ives, whose diaries are also on this web site. Frank Ives was born in West Granville and married Nellie Persis Gage (1875-1944), the school…

Cyrus Ives: Sawmill and Town Records
Cyrus Ives ran a sawmill in West Granville and was a Granville Town Selectman in 1895 and 1896. Along with his diaries, which appear elsewhere on this site, he recorded various information regarding the sawmill operation and Town business.…

Cyrus Ives Diaries: Summary of Names
Alphabetical listings of the people referred to in Cyrus Ives; diaries between 1862 and 1907, along with remarks relating to each person.. Full diary transcripts are also provided in this site and can be viewed by searching on "Cyrus Ives…
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