This collection consists of documents, records and letters currently available to museum volunteers. If you are have not volunteered to help with transcription feel free to view the Collection but keep in mind this Collection is a work in progress.

Once a volunteer selects an item to transcribe they should use the "Comments" facility at the bottom of the page to indicate to the rest of group that the document has been claimed. This will prevent duplication of effort.

Collection Items

James P. Cooley Letters to Silas Noble, 1855
Two letters from James P. Cooley to his business partner Silas Noble, concerning the Noble & Cooley company. The company was founded in 1854 and these recently discovered (August 2021) letters are the earliest known company correspondence.

Granville Heirloom Recipes, Part One
Old recipes. No guarantees, bakers beware! There may be gems and there may be duds. Baking times and temps are often not provided because the recipes typically predate modern ovens.

Recipes in Part One are from the recipe collection of Sophia…

Isaac W. Barker Family Letters, Civil War
Letters relating to Isaac W. Barker (1841-1862), born in North Blandford, Massachusetts, the son of Thomas F. Barker and Clarissa Watkins Barker. Like many young people of the time Isaac left Blandford and went west to Ohio where he lived with the…
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