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Granville 1855 map.jpg
1855 maps of Granville as follows:
1. Granville map from Hampden County Atlas
2. Four close-up images of above map showing each quadrant (NW, NE, SW, SE).
3. Hand-drawn map of West Granville, and detail image of same drawing.

Granville 1870 Map.jpg
Granville, Massachusetts Maps, 1870. Maps can be enlarged by clicking on the map.

1. Map of Granville
2. East Granville (Granville Center)
3. Granville Corners (Village)
4. West Granville
5. Detail Map: Northwest
6. Detail Map: Northeast

Map 1894 Granville Northwest-7740.jpg
Due to the size of the original map this was digitized in four quadrants: Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest.

Granville Map Northwest Quadrant 1912.jpg
1912 map of Granville, by Richards Map Company, Springfield, Ma.

Due to the size of the original map it has been digitized in four quadrants, plus detailed images of the main town centers (West Granville, Granville Center, and Granville Village).

Norheast 1857 Base Map.jpg
This is a portion of 1857 and 1894 Granville maps, showing the northeast section of town. Most of this land was taken by eminent domain for the creation of the Granville Reservoir, serving the Town of Westfield, beginning in the late 1890's.

Granville Dam Properties Blueprint Northwest.jpg
Due to the size of the original document it is presented here in four images (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast).

This map shows the names of former land owners whose property was taken by eminent domain for the construction of the…

Jones Ben seated glass neg.jpg
CLICK HERE to go to the Ben Jones 2.0 ArcGIS Granville History map.This map is an ongoing work in progress. It provides the locations of various historic houses and other sites in Granville, Massachusetts with links to useful information including…

Ben Jones Map NW Granville Quadrant 1-9620.tif
This map shows the locations of over 300 Granville homes,  other structures and landmarks, based on Benjamin F. Jones' (1847-1915) research and site explorations. CLICK HERE for more information and photos of Ben Jones. The original map is 32" square…
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