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Main Road Watering Trough Gorge-8493.jpg
A 1994 letter from Wilhelmina Tryon to Adeline Hiers with a photocopy of a photograph showing the old watering trough that was located on the gorge section of Main Road.

The letter refers to Wilhelmina's donation of her photo collection to the…

Clark Collection Touring Car 2019 10 24.jpg
A touring car is pulled over to the side of the road through Granville Gorge (now Main Road / Route 57). Occupants are unidentified but the photo came from the Clark family. Boy sitting on the running board may be Richard Clark. The Clarks lived on…

Main Road 0310 002.jpg
310 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts. Home of "Cool Pottery" owned by Cooley Buy, 2019. The shop has MOVED and expanded greatly. It is now Cooley & Company, located at 66 Granby Road, Granville, MA. CLICK HERE to go to the Cooley & Company…

Main Road 0310 Donald Dickinson 1941  Hiers Photo 072-5238.jpg
310 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts. Built 1937.

Photo: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers. The home of Donald Dickinson at that time.

Bettinger Album 014 Dickinson Farm c 1922-5346.jpg
E.D. Dickinson House, 1873, 376 Main Rd., MACRIS Inv. #GRN 90.

Top Two Photos: Taken by Viola Bettinger, about 1921-22.
Third Photo: Taken by Herbert Hiers, 1941

GRN_89 Bemis W W House 389 Main Rd.jpg
W.W. Bemis House, 1884, 398 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 89.

Note: MACRIS address seems to have a typo in street address (389 s/b 398)

Main Road 0409 Village School 003.jpg
Granville Village School, 1933, 409 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. 88.

Main Road 425 Humphrey's Garage 1941 Hiers Photo 006-007.jpg
Humphrey's Garage, 425 Main Road, Granville, MA. Top Photo: Celebration of Life, July 20, 2019 in memory of Judy Sears Jordan, who was employed at Humphrey's Garage. CLICK HERE for additional information. See below for image rights information.Second…

Main Road 0426 Harry Root 1941  Hiers Photo 102-5268.jpg
426 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts

Photo: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers

The home of Harry Root in 1941.

GRN_86 Tryon House 430 Main Rd.jpg
Tryon House, 1890. 430 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 86.

Main Road 0430 Arch Tryon 1941  Hiers Photo 074-5240.jpg
430 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts

Photo: Taken by Herbert Hiers, summer 1941. The home of Arch Tryon at the time.
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