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Granville History - Clark wedding.pdf
Found among documents in the estate of Dorothy M. Cusson, (d. 2010), who resided at 431 Main Rd., (f. 59 Maple St.), by her daughter, Rene Ellinger. I believe the Clarks were married in the house that still stands at 431 Main Rd.

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Clark Collection Touring Car 2019 10 24.jpg
A touring car is pulled over to the side of the road through Granville Gorge (now Main Road / Route 57). Occupants are unidentified but the photo came from the Clark family. Boy sitting on the running board may be Richard Clark. The Clarks lived on…

429 Old Westfield Road, 1941
House torn down 2017 for Granville reservoir watershed. This house was also listed in MACRIS as being at 11 Bruce Road (incorrect).
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