Main Road 0430, Granville, Massachusetts

Main Road 0430 Arch Tryon 1941  Hiers Photo 074-5240.jpg


Main Road 0430, Granville, Massachusetts


430 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts

Photo: Taken by Herbert Hiers, summer 1941. The home of Arch Tryon at the time.


Photo: 1941


Digital Image: Granville Library Historical Room and NCCHP.

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#74 in the summer 1941 Herbert Hiers photo album.


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Memories of This House:
DJC: "Believe that was Dorthea Tryon now my sister's house."
DAB: "The Tryon I knew lived next to the then-Congregational church in Granville Center. That before my time used to be a store. Her son was a very talented baseball player [Arch Tryon]."
SP: "I believe my father did some handy man work here years and years ago, as he did at several older homes with elderly owners (in his spare time).❤"


“Main Road 0430, Granville, Massachusetts,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 17, 2024,


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