Main Road 0310, Granville, Massachusetts

Main Road 0310 Donald Dickinson 1941  Hiers Photo 072-5238.jpg


Main Road 0310, Granville, Massachusetts


310 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts. Built 1937.

Photo: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers. The home of Donald Dickinson at that time.


Built 1937 (Source: Town Property Card)


Digital Image: NCCHP and the Granville Library Historical Room.

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#72 in the Herbert Hiers summer 1941 album.


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Memories of This House::
JWA: "I believe Donald Dickinson sold the house to an older, single (maybe widowed) man. I believe he put the ponds in. This was the mid 1960's. I can't remember his name, but whenever we had fund raisers at school, I headed for his house because he basically bought everything I had to sell. And that's a secret I never told 😉 I believe the Kirsches bought it from him."
DAB: "What ever happened to Dwight? Last I heard he was with Pepsi-Cola? Of the three Dickinson cousins across the street, only Joe survives. His sister lived in this house, too, I believe, and the peat bog is in back. Philip was my scoutmaster in the late 1950's and actually the unofficial town historian. When the Bird family went to live in Europe, it was Phillip who drove us to the pier on West Side Avenue to the S.S. Constitution. Philip also hosted a national reunion of Dickensons, although I do not know the year."


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