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Unknown House-8853.jpg
An unidentified house, probably in Granville, Massachusetts. Do you recognize the place?

Unknown Farm-8852.jpg
Thanks to John Zorick and Gordon Sandman for identifying this house and providing the address!

House scan 2018 10.jpg
Photo of unidentified house. Donated to Historical Room 2018 with no information.

Sanderson house Main Rd-4206.jpg
Sanderson House, 525 Main Road. MACRIS Inv. # GRN 121.

Pendleton Wilbur House Main Rd Maple St-4194.jpg
The Wilbur Pendleton House on Main Road. The old house (top photo) burned and another house was later built on the property (see second photo).

Second Photo: 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers

Ives Collection Selinda Ives and Patrick Miner in front of Truman Ives house.jpg
The Truman Ives house on New Boston Road in Tolland, MA. After the death of Truman Ives in 1900 the house became the home of his daughter, Julia Selinda Ives (1848 - 1942) and Patrick Miner (1855 - 1929), who ran the farm. The house burned in 1929.…

Henry house Main Rd-4221.jpg
House built about 1860 by Simon Henry.

Photo 1: Date and photographer unknown.
Photo 2: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers.

Rose Homestead at 458 Main Road, Granville, MA., 1885
Miles J. Rose House, c. 1880, 458 Main Rd., Granville, MA.

This page includes a Granville Time Travel video. Be sure to click on the enlarge icon before starting the Time Machine.


White Dr house Main Rd-4210.jpg
Dr. Clifford A. White House, c. 1900, 455 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 84

GRN_85 Cook L House 436 Main Rd.jpg
L. Cook House, 1870. 436 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 85

GRN_86 Tryon House 430 Main Rd.jpg
Tryon House, 1890. 430 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 86.

GRN_89 Bemis W W House 389 Main Rd.jpg
W.W. Bemis House, 1884, 398 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 89.

Note: MACRIS address seems to have a typo in street address (389 s/b 398)
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