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Main Road 0430 Arch Tryon 1941  Hiers Photo 074-5240.jpg
430 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts

Photo: Taken by Herbert Hiers, summer 1941. The home of Arch Tryon at the time.

Granville Baseball Team early.jpg
The Granville baseball team. Photo estimated to be around 1900. No list of identities however the following are either known or educated guesses: Front row left: Harry Holcomb (b. 1886), Front row holding baseball: Alfred Goodrich. Back row center:…

Granville Baseball Team-4183.jpg
The Granville baseball team, 1919. Names on reverse of photo.An earlier photo of the team is at THIS LINK.

HRM group of men possibly Noble & Cooley v2.jpg
Possibly Noble & Cooley workers at old factory before fire Gramp Ripley and Bert Roberts are identified. Person to left of Gramp Ripley appears to be noted as "Arch" (Tryon?).
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