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Main Road Watering Trough Gorge-8493.jpg
A 1994 letter from Wilhelmina Tryon to Adeline Hiers with a photocopy of a photograph showing the old watering trough that was located on the gorge section of Main Road.

The letter refers to Wilhelmina's donation of her photo collection to the…

Main Road Hairpin Corner Johnson Place-8843.jpg
The hairpin corner near Henry Johnson's farm. Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts.

Henry B. Johnson (1892-1986) was married to Bessie May Peebles (1902-1967). Henry was a veteran of World War I, having served in the Army from 1917 to 1919. …

Horse and Rider 1927 by Granville Library-8522.jpg
A horse and rider pass by the Granville Library headed west on Maple Street (now Main Road), 1927.

Main Road 0310 Donald Dickinson 1941  Hiers Photo 072-5238.jpg
310 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts. Built 1937.

Photo: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers. The home of Donald Dickinson at that time.

Main Road 0430 Arch Tryon 1941  Hiers Photo 074-5240.jpg
430 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts

Photo: Taken by Herbert Hiers, summer 1941. The home of Arch Tryon at the time.

Main Road 0512  Peter Henrickson 1941  Hiers Photo 082-5248.jpg
512 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts. The home of the Smiths for many years until 2020 when it changed ownership.

Photo: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers. The home of Peter Henrickson at the time.

Shaughnessy Swamp 2021 Jan 10 Copyright Giguere's Aerial.jpg
Copyrighted aerial photos courtesy of Giguere Photography, taken Jan. 10, 2021. Used here with permission.

Main Road 0484 Ralph Hiers 1941  Hiers Photo 106-5272.jpg
484 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts.

Photo 1: Taken by Herbert Hiers, Summer 1941. The home of Ralph G. Hiers in 1941.

Photo 2: Late December 1942 snowstorm. Hiers photo. People in the photos unidentified, possible members of Hiers…

File 1 of 5 updated Daniel Rose House, W. Granville NR District, by Geske[22598].pdf
Research into the Daniel Rose House, circa 1741, at 1442 Main Road, done by Corey Victoria (Phelon) Geske, in memory of her brother the late William Brian Phelon. Bill Phelon, known to many as "Bill On the Hill" who owned this house and devoted many…

Orchard Chris.jpg
Christina Jensen Teter remembers life at her family's Mountain Orchard (est. 1919) in Granville, Massachusetts.Recorded by James M. Reid on February 22, 2020 at the James Cooley law office (aka the "Singed Cat House") built 1800, on Main Road,…

Citizens Park Dedication 1999 10 03 001.pdf
History and photos of the Granville Citizen's Park, dedicated on October 3, 1999.

West Granville Store 1.mp4
This page hosts two trips in the Granville Time Machine to the West Granville Store. Please allow time for the time travel clips to load, and use the "enlarge" four-corner square icon for a full screen experience.The main page with photos and…
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