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Union Church Letter Kebbe to Cooley 1903 4 pgs.pdf
Two letters proposing that the Granville churches form a "Union Church." The 1903 letter is from David Lyman Kibbe, pastor or the Congregational Church on the hill. The 1906 letter is from Edgar Alonzo Brownell of the Methodist Episcopal Church,…

Granville Baseball Team early.jpg
The Granville baseball team. Photo estimated to be around 1900. No list of identities however the following are either known or educated guesses: Front row left: Harry Holcomb (b. 1886), Front row holding baseball: Alfred Goodrich. Back row center:…

Bourque, Holcomb at Crown Point.jpg
Harry Holcomb was born and raised in Granville. He went on to work for Knox in Springfield and was riding mechanic for the 1909 racing season. Shown in picture: Wilfred Bourque of Springfield (driver), Harry Holcomb of Granville (riding mechanic).
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