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Rev Joel Baker Ordination Emerson Sermon 1797 06 21.pdf
A discourse delivered by Rev. John Emerson, Pastor of the Congregational Church at Conway, MA. on the occasion of the ordination of Rev. Joel Baker becoming Pastor of the Second Church of Granville (the West Granville church).

This document was…

2023 History On The Go 01.JPG
A brochure published by the Pioneer Valley History Network (PVHN) publicizing five "trail" days during the summer and fall of 2023. Each day features a different selection of historic sites and museums. See the brochure for details.

The Noble &…

Mary Harkins Frisbie Grandmother Stories Number 3.pdf
"A biographical sketch of an unfortunate city waif, early made a ward of the State of Massachusetts: yet who became in time a noble mother and New England housewife, skilled and respected by her many descendants, and a proper example for all who…

WG Church Sermon 1888 01 08.JPG
Thomas Osborne Rice was the pastor of the West Granville Congregational Church from 1885 until his death on August 15, 1888. In 1879 he was pastor in Chiltonville, a small village in Plymouth, MA., where it appears he originally delivered the two…

Black Scrapbook 1880s Jones or Nelson.pdf
Notes written by Ruth Aldrich based on a black scrapbook from approx. the 1880's, belonging to either the Jones or Nelson family.

Anna Nelsons Old Brown Ledger Scrapbook.pdf
Notes written by Ruth Aldrich based on Anna Nelson's scrapbook, which used an old ledger book to paste in items of interest.

Francena Nelsons Big Brown Leather Scrapbook.pdf
Notes written by Ruth Aldrich based on the brown leather scrapbook of Francena Nelson. Period covered is the late 19th and early 20th century.

Jones Ben with large tree-283.jpg
According to the note on the back of this photo it is Ben Jones, standing next to a very large tree. However the gentleman also resembles George Aldrich, who probably took the photo or posed in the photo and had someone else take it. The note on the…

West_Granville 4-H 1983 ish.jpg
Contributed by Deborah Boulanger: "West Granville 4-H Club that my Mom was the Leader. We called ourselves the West Granville Highlanders."

Main Road Stone Pillars opposite Downs place-9586.jpg
One of Granville's great mysteries is the location of Deacon David Rose's house, where Lemuel Haynes grew up as an indentured servant.

The homes of David Rose's brothers, John and Daniel, still exist not far from the site of these pillars.

Granville Sun.jpg
IMPORTANT: The full text of all editions is available at THIS LINK to the Granville Public Library page on Internet Archive. Please click on the link to view the newspapers in full. You may want to use the "+" feature on the page to enlarge the print…
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