Granville Sun Newspaper, 1880-1881

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Granville Sun Newspaper, 1880-1881


IMPORTANT: The full text of all editions is available at THIS LINK to the Granville Public Library page on Internet Archive. Please click on the link to view the newspapers in full. You may want to use the "+" feature on the page to enlarge the print to make it more readable.

The Granville Sun was published in West Granville from 1880 to 1881 by William G. Snow. On June 1, 1940 Mr. Snow presented the Granville Library with a bound copy of all editions of the newspaper, which he published out of his home on Main Road in West Granville.


William G. Snow


1880, 1881


“Granville Sun Newspaper, 1880-1881,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed May 30, 2024,


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