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Black Scrapbook 1880s Jones or Nelson.pdf
Notes written by Ruth Aldrich based on a black scrapbook from approx. the 1880's, belonging to either the Jones or Nelson family.

Thomas Park Chair 1.JPG
Thomas Park was born in Scotland in 1745. His father William, a stonecutter, brought the family to America. William's work can be viewed in Harvard's Old Burying Ground and elsewhere. Thomas Park followed in his father's footsteps and became a highly…

West Granville Baby Mammoth.jpg
LOST: WEST GRANVILLE'S BABY MAMMOTH This stone was found by Major Nelson* while plowing his field. The photo was taken by his son-in-law George Aldrich, probably around 1910. It appears to have been carved. It has been speculated that it was carried…

HRM House and Model T front.jpg
The Major Nelson place on West Hartland Road, West Granville, now torn down. See "Comments" for more information.This house was likely constructed by Isaac and Ruth Chapman some time prior to 1778. He was born in 1747 in Old Saybrook, CT, and she was…
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