Noble, Rowley and Thompson Families c. 1914

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Noble, Rowley and Thompson Families c. 1914


Photo of the Noble, Rowley and Thompson families taken at the Thompson farm, 550 Main Road, Granville, MA. some time around 1914. 

Pictured are: Standing L-R: Mary Evaline "Mattie" (Noble) Rowley (1868-1957); her sister Lucy Eliza (Noble) Thompson (1863-1941); John Henry Rowley (1868-1933); Retta Celestia Thompson (1896-1986); Charles Noble Thompson (1904-1954) (with cat). Seated in Chairs: believed to be Eliza King (1834-1915) (Lucy and Mary's mother); Charles B. Thompson (1856-1936) (Lucy's husband). Seated On the Ground: Noble Graham Rowley (1899-1965) and Leslie Henry Rowley (1908-1970) (Mary and John's sons). There is also an unidentified infant in the right background.

Photo likely taken by Levi T. Rowley (1893-1965) (Mary and John's eldest son).

This is the only known photo of the person believed to be Eliza King. The daughter of Julius and Eliza (Rose) King of Granville, it is not clear whether Eliza was adopted.


c. 1914


Rowley family albums (Shela and Kenneth Mike)


Digital Image: 2024, Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum, Granville, MA.


“Noble, Rowley and Thompson Families c. 1914,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 22, 2024,


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