1790 Federal Census for Granville, Massachusetts


1790 Federal Census for Granville, Massachusetts


1790 Federal Census for Granville, Massachusetts.

IMPORTANT: In 1790 the town of Granville included what is now Tolland, Ma. Therefore this census includes residents of what is now Tolland.

In 1790 Granville was comprised of three parishes:

West Parish: The West Parish became the Town of Tolland in 1810.

Middle Parish: In 1790 the "Middle Parish" was essentially the area between the great valley on the east, running west to what is now the Tolland border. In 1810 with the "West Parish" becoming the Town of Tolland, the former Middle Parish became the new "West Parish" or what is now "West Granville," having become the westernmost area of Granville.

East Parish: In 1790 the "East Parish" consisted essentially of everything east of the great valley, to the Southwick border. In 1810 the East Parish became two parishes: Middle Parish, now more commonly known as "Granville Center" where the Town Hall is, and East Parish which is known by a number of names: East Parish, the Village and most commonly "Granville Corners" or The Corners referring to the general area of the green and Granville Public Library.

For a more detailed description see Wilson's "History of Granville."


Two PDF files containing transcribed versions of the 1790 Census record for Granville, Massachusetts.

1. The first file is in ALPHABETICAL ORDER BY SURNAME. This version is most useful when searching for a particular family.

2. The second file is ORIGINAL ORDER of the record. This will more likely (but not necessarily) reflect the order of visitation by the census-taker, and is more useful for determining possible locality and neighbors.

Note that the columns for males and females recorded free white persons only. The column titled "All Other Free Persons" were for non-white people, with no distinction between male and female.

The Thomas Hull family appears to be the only black family listed in the 1790 census. It is believed that the others listed as "All Other Free Persons" were primarily farm laborers or servants living with white households. The family of Rev. Lemuel Haynes (also black) would have moved to Rutland, VT by 1790 thus would not be listed in this census.

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