0066 Granby Road, Granville, Massachusetts, Barn Collapse 1952

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0066 Granby Road, Granville, Massachusetts, Barn Collapse 1952


Collapse of Ralph Hiers' barn located at 66 Granby Road, Granville, MA.

The barn still standing in the photo is the current home of Cooley & Co., open seasonally, with arts, crafts and other goods produced by local artisans.

This image was posted on the Granville-Tolland Community page (Facebook) on March 22, 2024. The following additional information about the collapse was provided:

CB: "Wow I never knew there was a building there. A little before my time. My Aunt says it was the horse barn but doesn't remember what happened to it. The silo you can see in the picture, the overhang over what is now the deck area and part of the front of the barn all came down in the blizzard of 78'. We didn't rebuild the silo since no cows where still there. Mr. Woodard had move his herd to thier farm by then."

CB: "A little digging ang the mystery has been solved! My aunt,and 2 cousins all were able to piece the picture together. The barn was actually a tobacco barn leased by one of the farms in Southwick to house broad leaf. It went down and was witnessed going down by May Nobbs and her sister when a tornado hit Granville the summer of 52'. Her dad Stub Hunt wanted the roof saved so she and her sister Ethel Brown spent much of the summer collecting and stacking the remains. 3 years later the hurricane of 55' flooded the meadow and barn to the 2nd floor where the hay was stored."

KL: "Grandpa Trygve Petersen stored his boat in the new barn one year when he was working on it."

DAB: "Trygve was so friendly and positive to all; a wonderful man."

Sincere thanks to all who contributed to the recollection of Granville's people and history!




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