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Gibbons Store Rebuild 01-8709.jpg
Photos taken by Herb Hiers of the reconstruction of the Gibbons store on Granby Road after the December 9, 1934 fire.

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Gibbons Store Ad Flyer.jpg
A large advertising flyer mailed to Granville residents for the week of June 26, 1933. This pre-dates the fire of December 1934 when the store burned to the ground.

Year of the flyer is based on research by Brian Miller into the Jack Dempsey…

Cooley Company front side.jpg
Cooley & Company is located at 66 Granby Road, Granville, Massachusetts. The shop is open seasonally and features unique and one of a kind crafts made by local artists.CLICK HERE to go to the Cooley & Company web site. The store phone number…

Pomeroy William S Letter to R B Cooley 1902 002.jpg
A "sort of genteel begging letter" from Wm. S. Pomeroy, owner of the store in Granville Center, to R.B. Cooley in 1902 seeking a contribution to the centennial celebration of the construction of the First Congregational Church, typically referred to…

Photo 1: Winchester's grocery store, probably 1930's, with West Granville Congregational church in the background.
Photos 2 and 3: West Granville Store, March 1999 and January 1, 2009. Paul Jensen photos used here with permission.

Coltons Store postcard-4192.jpg
Postcard picture of Colton's Store. This store later became Winchell's Store.

Winchells Store postcard-4191.jpg
Postcard photo of Winchell's Store. This store was previously Colton's Store.

Store and Post Office Granville Center-4193.jpg
Store and post office, Granville Center, probably 1920's. This store was known as Colton's and more recently Winchell's.

Gibbons Store Fire001.jpg
Ruins of the Gibbons Store after the catastrophic December 9, 1934 fire.

Store at West Granville  001.pdf
1. History of the West Granville Store (PDF)
2. Photo taken around mid to late 1930's. License plate on pickup is 504430. Sedan in front: B76423 (?). West Granville school is visible in background (built 1934).
3. Reverse of #2.
4. Photo taken…
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