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West Granville Church Halloween 2020 1.jpg
Scarecrow Reunion and Trick or Treat Trail event at the West Granville Congregational Church, Halloween 2020 (31 October). A fun time was had by all at this pandemic-era event.

Bodurtha Sam West Granville.jpg
Caption on the back of the photo reads "Sam Bodurtha, back seat, back of driver, with his friends/relatives, in West Granville. Building. in back a harness shop."

Image used with permission of Stephen Bodurtha, 2020. He indicates there is no date…

Pomeroy William S Letter to R B Cooley 1902 002.jpg
A "sort of genteel begging letter" from Wm. S. Pomeroy, owner of the store in Granville Center, to R.B. Cooley in 1902 seeking a contribution to the centennial celebration of the construction of the First Congregational Church, typically referred to…

Lemuel Haynes Portrait.jpg
Lemuel Haynes grew up in Granville as an indentured servant in the home of Deacon David Rose and became a prominent preacher in the Congregational Church, having been mentored by Deacon Rose and Dr. Timothy Mather Cooley.

Rev. Lemuel Haynes was…

Hill Top Ics of West Granville 1935  001.pdf
Volume 1, Numbers 1-10, 1935, of a 2-page newsletter. Numbers 1 and 2 are titles the West Granville Parish News. As the result of a contest to name the newsletter it was re-named The Hill-Top-Ics of West Granville." The contest prize was a free…
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