Gibbons Sons Store Advertising Flyer, Week of June 26, 1933

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Gibbons Sons Store Advertising Flyer, Week of June 26, 1933


A large advertising flyer mailed to Granville residents for the week of June 26, 1933. This pre-dates the fire of December 1934 when the store burned to the ground.

Year of the flyer is based on research by Brian Miller into the Jack Dempsey promotion mentioned in the flyer. Further research by Granville History into the Moon Mullins promotion indicates that was also 1933.

The basic flyer is a New England Stores design with the Gibbons store information at the bottom (Granville phone number 8). The slogan for New England Stores was "For Thrifty People" as shown on their logo.

Times have certainly changed. Today you even have to pay for the bags to take home your $300 week's worth of groceries. In 1933 you could get Jack Dempsey's autograph and a Moon Mullins mask for free! Unfortunately 1933 was also during the depths of the Great Depression so the question wasn't one of cost, it was whether you had the money at all.

Use the Search function to view additional photos of the Gibbons store at 11 Granby Road, Granville, MA. including the 1934 fire.


26 June 1933


Digital Image: 2024, Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum, Granville, MA. and Granville History


“Gibbons Sons Store Advertising Flyer, Week of June 26, 1933,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 22, 2024,


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