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Degano House and Pond-9051.jpg
Degano house, built 1910 (per town property card) and pond. Photo date unknown. Notes indicate it was owned by the Deganos. Sheriff Manning later rented. Owned by Ed Jensen in the late 1980's.

Roberts S M Truck-8861.jpg
Information provided by Richard Roberts, 06 May 2022:"Stephen Monroe Roberts! Steve and and his wife Gladys (Barnes) Roberts lived on Holden Hill, off of Blandford Road in Granville, where he grew apples, blueberries, and peaches. He served his…

Tree on road above Cobble Mountain Reservoir Paul Jensen photo.jpg
The old tree near 655 Blandford Road, overlooking the Cobble Mountain Reservoir. Tree removed 2020 (or 2019?).

A cellar hole at the location of the former farm of the Edwin C. Noble family, northwest corner of the intersection of Wendy's Road (formerly North Lane Number One). There was a school located across Blandford Road on the northeast corner.Cellar hole…

Brunson Wells and Phelon Elma at farm old Blandford Road David Cesan scan 2019.jpg
These digital images were contributed by David Cesan in August, 2019. His description of the first and second photos above follows: "Late 1940s. Wells and Elma Phelon [Stow?] Bronson at their home on old Blanford Rd. Second photo shows Wells with my…
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