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Roberts S M Truck-8861.jpg
Information provided by Richard Roberts, 06 May 2022:"Stephen Monroe Roberts! Steve and and his wife Gladys (Barnes) Roberts lived on Holden Hill, off of Blandford Road in Granville, where he grew apples, blueberries, and peaches. He served his…

Truck Accident Churcxh Parking Lot 2019 06 04 GFD photo 2.jpg
On June 4, 2019 at around 10 PM the Granville Fire and Police Departments responded to a truck roll-over, with the truck ending up in the Federated Church parking lot. No serious injuries.

Noble and Cooley Truck001.jpg
Truckload of drums packed in cardboard crates, about to be driven to the point of shipping (typically by rail).
Shown in the picture, left to right: Ralph and Avola Hiers, and Dolly and Frances R. "Stub" Hunt.
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