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Hartland CT North Hollow School-9582.jpg
This photo has turned up in two family collections (Aldrich and Clark). Both families were from West Granville in the vicinity of West Hartland Road. Kathleen Bracken, who provided one of the photos, asks the questions, "Where is it? Who is in it? Is…

West Granby Academy Scholars 1856 1857 Term-001.jpg
A list of students who attended the West Granby academy for the 1856-57 term (11 weeks).

School Bus  Dec 1930 a-7510.jpg
George Aldrich's "winter school bus" pulled by his horse Daisy, December 1930.

Photo 1: Daisy (horse), George Aldrich sitting in the back Children: Mildred, Milly, Dorothy.

Photo 2: The bus waiting to be hitched up. In the bus: Lee, Phil…

Aldrich Leona May leaving for school-7524.jpg
Sisters Leona (Aldrich) Clifford and May (Aldrich) Hague leaving for school with their lunch pails. Photo by their father, George Aldrich.

Phelps Melissa Report Card 1865-4230.jpg
Documents relating to Melissa Phelps' (1850-1931) education in 1865, consisting of an invoice paid by her mother, Betsy Phelps, and Melissa's report card. Melissa Phelps married George Gaines and is buried in the Silver Street Cemetery.

This is…

Ore Hill school pupils-4424.jpg
A list of pupils attending the Ore Hill school in West Granville, about 1922-23. The image with the list is a poor quality photocopy. Do you have the actual photo? If so please contact the library, we'd like to borrow it to digitize the image.

Ore Hill school picnic-4423.jpg
List of Ore Hill school pupils at a picnic, about 1923. The image is a poor quality photocopy. Do you have the actual photo? If so we would like to scan it.

Ore Hill school 1922-4421.jpg
The Ore Hill school in West Granville, MA.
Top photo 1922.

Main Road Old Town Hall 001.jpg
Academy Building, later the Town Hall and School. Originally constructed as a private educational academy. Later (see Chronology) Town hall was upstairs, school was downstairs. Color photos show where the building used to be. The granite front step…
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