North Hollow School, Hartland, CT.

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North Hollow School, Hartland, CT.


This photo has turned up in two family collections (Aldrich and Clark). Both families were from West Granville in the vicinity of West Hartland Road. Kathleen Bracken, who provided one of the photos, asks the questions, "Where is it? Who is in it? Is it a schoolhouse? Why are there so many adults in the picture? Why is everyone so dressed up? Is it a special occasion?"

One theory is that is it the "union school" which had a cost sharing arrangement between Granville and Hartland, with the cost based on number of students attenting. Location is not known for sure but it would have been close to the Granville/Hartland border. 

The occasion might have been a graduation event but that does not explain why so many children are wearing matching outfits while others are not. However with so many garments during that time being hand sewn perhaps they were made at home for a planned event. Perhaps the story of this photo will continue to unfold as more copies and information comes forth.




Kathleen Bracken


Digital Image: Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum, Granville, MA., 2023



“North Hollow School, Hartland, CT.,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 17, 2024,


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