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Den Clark's Barn Hartland-9584.jpg
The barn of Benjamin Clark, Sr. (1805-1889) The note on the back says "Hartland" but there were two Benjamin Clarks (Sr. and Jr.) living on the Granville side of the Granville/Hartland border according to the Ben Jones 1.0 map (locations 201 and…

Hartland CT North Hollow School-9582.jpg
This photo has turned up in two family collections (Aldrich and Clark). Both families were from West Granville in the vicinity of West Hartland Road. Kathleen Bracken, who provided one of the photos, asks the questions, "Where is it? Who is in it? Is…

Hartland Hollow House Thrall-9024.jpg
Thanks to Kathleen Bracken for solving the mystery of this house. It belonged to Fred Beers Clark (1864- ?) and was located across the river (Valley Brook, aka Great Valley Brook) from his father, Benjamin Clark, Sr.The second photo is of the…

Case Philetus Family Record.jpg
The Case and Beach family members whose letters appear here lived in the Canton, CT. area but had strong Granville and Granby connections, especially with the Rose and Holcomb families. These documents provide an excellent window on 19th century life…

Canton School Docs and 1 West Granby digitized 2019 08 18.pdf
Documents from the Philetus Case collection pertaining to the Canton, CT. schools in the early 19th century, particularly the North East School.

Also one West Granby document from 1856.

Huggins E W Carriage Painter Invoices  001.pdf
Two invoices from E.W. Huggins, carriage painter and dealer in carriages and wagons, West Granby, CT. dated 1906 and 1908. One to paint a sleigh and one to refinish an auto.
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