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Granby Road 0383 Fred Wackerbarth 1941  Hiers Photo 076-5242.jpg
383 Granby Road, Granville, Massachusetts

Photo: Summer 1941, taken by Ralph Hiers. The dog (lower left corner) is Skippy.

Suhm 01.jpg
The first photo was taken around 1920. See image with list of names. Charles and Frederica came to the U.S. from Germany in 1880. They lived in Springfield and retired to Granville, probably in the 1920's. The next two pictures are from the 1940's:…

Rowley Christiana Coleman photo v2.jpg
First Photo: Photo of Christiana (Gobel or Gobelle) Rowley taken at Coleman's in Westfield. Photo from 1889 or later based on copyright date on the back.Second Photo: Christiana Rowley, seated in a chair. May have been taken near what is now Bruce…

Niantic Album Unknown 1-4731.jpg
The Thompson family, who lived on Granville Hill on the right, opposite Nestrovich's (Main Road). Photo around 1925-30. Front: Charles B. Thompson and Lucy (Noble) Thompson. Back: Retta Thompson and Charles Noble Thompson ("Charlie Noble").

Rowley Roswell and Julia yard 522 Main Rd-4445.jpg
Julia and Roswell Rowley doing yard chores at 522 Main Road. Date unknown.

Rowley Mildred Julia carriage 522 Main Rd-4425.jpg
Julia and Mildred Rowley in carriage. It is not known wherher "Old Nell" is the horse or the third person in the carriage. Julia had a sister nicknamed Nellie. On the other hand the third person looks too young to be "Old Nell."

Rowley Julia Roswell 522 Main Rd chickens-4455.jpg
Julia and Roswell Rowley in the back yard at 522 Main Road, with the chickens.

Rowley Julia Mildred 522 Main Rd house bicycle-4458.jpg
Julia and Mildred Rowley with bicycle, standing in front of their home at 522 Main Road.

Rowley Julia Blacksmith Shop House 522 Main Rd-4443.jpg
Julia (Shoughrue) Rowley in front of the blacksmith's house at 522 Main Road. Date unknown.

Rowley Gillette Henry 522 Main Rd-4437.jpg
Four children on the front steps at 522 Main Road. Uncertain which name matches to which person. They are: Lena Henry, Mildred Rowley, and "Cecil - Harold Gillett.".

Rowley Blacksmith Shop Henry House-4441.jpg
Blacksmith shop at 522 Main Road, two cats play in the snow. Property first operated by Alexander McGray (or McCray) in the 1880's. It was operated as a blacksmith shop by Charles A. Barnes. Later owned by Roswell Rowley. The building burned on…

Buick 522 Main Rd-4433.jpg
"The Old Buick" in front of the shed at 522 Main Road. Belonged to Roswell Rowley. The note on the back of the photo was written by Roswell and Julia (Shoughrue) Rowley's daughter, Mildred (Rowley) Stiles.
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