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Niantic Album Unknown 1-4731.jpg
The Thompson family, who lived on Granville Hill on the right, opposite Nestrovich's (Main Road). Photo around 1925-30. Front: Charles B. Thompson and Lucy (Noble) Thompson. Back: Retta Thompson and Charles Noble Thompson ("Charlie Noble").

Rowley John Mary Bob Marge 1925ish.jpg
John Henry Rowley (11 Sep 1868 - 28 Nov 1933) and Mary Evaline "Mattie" Noble (02 Feb 1868 - 32 Dec 1957) were both born in Granville, MA. Their parents had small farms and their fathers, William Rowley and Edwin Noble, worked at the drum shop. John…

HRI Thompson Charles B front.tif
Charles B. Thompson, a local farmer and butcher. Photo taken from the home of Retta and Merrill Clark.
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