Christiana Rowley (15 May 1840 - 02 Apr 1923)

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Christiana Rowley (15 May 1840 - 02 Apr 1923)


First Photo: Photo of Christiana (Gobel or Gobelle) Rowley taken at Coleman's in Westfield. Photo from 1889 or later based on copyright date on the back.

Second Photo: Christiana Rowley, seated in a chair. May have been taken near what is now Bruce Road. Area in the background may be the site of the present Granville Reservoir.

William and Christiana Rowley owned a farm on what is now 11 Bruce Road, near the Northeast Cemetery and Granville Reservior. CLICK HERE and HERE for photos of the house, which still stands (2019).

William and Christiana are buried in the Silver Street Cemetery, Granville, Massachusetts.


Estimated 1900 to 1910


Coleman Studio photo: Chris Tharp
Photo seated in chair: Gilbert family collection.


“Christiana Rowley (15 May 1840 - 02 Apr 1923),” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed May 29, 2023,


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