Suhm Family Page

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Suhm Family Page


The first photo was taken around 1920. See image with list of names. Charles and Frederica came to the U.S. from Germany in 1880. They lived in Springfield and retired to Granville, probably in the 1920's.

The next two pictures are from the 1940's: Gustave Herbert Suhm and Ellen (Rowley) Suhm. Ellen was the daughter of Fred Rowley and Sarah (Beebe) Rowley of Granville.

The Suhm family lived at 817 Main Road in Granville. CLICK HERE to go to the page for that house, which includes more family pictures.


Photo courtesy of the Suhm family.




Granville Library Historical Room



Photo courtesy of the Suhm family., “Suhm Family Page,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed March 2, 2024,


Ed DuBois

Gustav Suhm owned the home where we lived, at 817 Main Rd.  We lived there over 40 years, from the early 70's,  and some old-timers still referred to it as the "old Suhm place", and spoke of remembering them. I do not remember  the years when they owned it, but it was a considerable length of time. 

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