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Baker Harness Co 1894 001.pdf
Invoice and postcard. Baker Harness Company, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1894

Fuller William letter 001.pdf
Letter from Chapman at William Fuller & Son regarding carriages and a bucking horse.

Burgin Brothers Invoice001.pdf
1895 invoice from Burgin Brothers, 17 Market Street, Springfield, Massachusetts. Makers of tents, awnings, flags, etc.

Suhm 01.jpg
The first photo was taken around 1920. See image with list of names. Charles and Frederica came to the U.S. from Germany in 1880. They lived in Springfield and retired to Granville, probably in the 1920's. The next two pictures are from the 1940's:…

Bourque, Holcomb at Crown Point.jpg
Harry Holcomb was born and raised in Granville. He went on to work for Knox in Springfield and was riding mechanic for the 1909 racing season. Shown in picture: Wilfred Bourque of Springfield (driver), Harry Holcomb of Granville (riding mechanic).
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