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Hunt Stub Edited.pdf
"In order to find your way in the future, it is very important to know where you come from. The future is built upon the blocks of the past. Please enjoy this beautiful story of hard work, faith, family and love."Born in Granville in 1903, the life…

Banks Thomas A 1934 001.pdf
The story of Thomas Banks' life, as told by himself in 1934. His remarkable story is shared here with the permission of his descendants.

Note the story is in two parts; Chapters 1 thru 3 in the first window, followed by Chapters 4 thru 7 in the…

Cooley to Noble 1855 03 28 p1-7787.jpg
Two letters from James P. Cooley to his business partner Silas Noble, concerning the Noble & Cooley company. The company was founded in 1854 and these recently discovered (August 2021) letters are the earliest known company correspondence.

1931 5th Community Fair.pdf
Event program for the 5th Annual Community Fair, Granville, Massachusetts. Held on September 16, 1951.

Andrews Cider Cake Aunt Dianas Loaf Cake.jpg
Old recipes. No guarantees, bakers beware! There may be gems and there may be duds. Baking times and temps are often not provided because the recipes typically predate modern ovens.

Recipes in Part One are from the recipe collection of Sophia…

Rose Miles J Obit.jpg
Miles Rose was a direct descendant of Jonathan Rose, one of Granville's original settlers. He is said to have been the last Rose to live in Granville, although his daughter Lavinia Rose Wilson continued to own the family home as a country place,…

Independence Day 2021 Jesse Boulanger.jpg
Jesse and Hannah enjoying the 2021 Independence Day Parade.

Independence Day 2016 Clifford 02.jpg
Photos of the 2016 Independence Day parade in Granville, Massachusetts.

Flag at Noble & Cooley 2013.jpg
The 20' by 30' flag at the Noble & Cooley Company (founded 1854) in Granville, Independence Day 2013.

Do you have any photos of the 2013 parade you could share? Contact the Historical Room at the Granville Library.

Barker Civil War Letter 1861 06 19 p1-001.jpg
Letters relating to Isaac W. Barker (1841-1862), born in North Blandford, Massachusetts, the son of Thomas F. Barker and Clarissa Watkins Barker. Like many young people of the time Isaac left Blandford and went west to Ohio where he lived with the…

Map 1894 Granville Northwest-7740.jpg
Due to the size of the original map this was digitized in four quadrants: Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest.
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