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Dickinson Reunions 1906 to 1925.pdf
Records from 1906-1925 reunions of descendants of Bevel Dickinson. Most were held in or near Granville. Includes lists of attendees and their signatures.

The 1906 reunion included all living descendants of Bevel Dickinson. They went to the…

Union Church Letter Kebbe to Cooley 1903 4 pgs.pdf
Two letters proposing that the Granville churches form a "Union Church." The 1903 letter is from David Lyman Kibbe, pastor or the Congregational Church on the hill. The 1906 letter is from Edgar Alonzo Brownell of the Methodist Episcopal Church,…

Clark Tryon Noble Gibbons Seymour et al 1906.jpg
Women, left to right: Hattie Seymour, Emily Tryon, Amy(?) Noble, Mary Clark, Ida Henry, Nel Gibbons.

Men, left to right: Orville Noble, Ed Henry, Ed Gibbons, Charlie Tryon, Sid Clark, Milo Seymour.

Unknown location and occasion
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