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Union Church Letter Kebbe to Cooley 1903 4 pgs.pdf
Two letters proposing that the Granville churches form a "Union Church." The 1903 letter is from David Lyman Kibbe, pastor or the Congregational Church on the hill. The 1906 letter is from Edgar Alonzo Brownell of the Methodist Episcopal Church,…

Granville 1895 Jubilee Book BPL scan 2019.pdf
Booklet commemorating the 1895 reconvention of the original 1845 Granville Jubilee at the First Church of Christ Congregational (now the Old Meeting House). This document can also be viewed at Internet Archive (CLICK HERE).

Main Road WG Church and Academy 2000 12 10 Paul Jensen Photo.jpg
This page shows the church and some event photos taken 2000 and later. Photos used with permission.Photo showing American flag taken June 20, 2022 (Juneteenth). The flag is on the site where, according to legend, the Granville Minutemen held drills…

Catalog Titles Congregational Church First.pdf
Documents and records from the First Church of Christ Congregational, Granville, Massachusetts, including many records kept by Rev. Timothy Mather Cooley.Many records from this church are on long term loan to the Congregational Library and Archives…

Main Road 1580 West Granville Congregational Church 001.jpg
The West Granville Congregational Church, 1580 Main Road, Granville, MA. This page is Part One. For Part Two see the link below.For more recent photos of the church and events please CLICK HERE.

Congregational Church Granville.jpg
First Congregational Church, Granville Center, Granville, MA. The building is now the Town Meeting Hall (Old Meeting House).
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