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Brownell Edgar A.jpg
Edgar Alonzo Brownell was pastor of the Granville Methodist Church, 1906 - 1908. The 17 Jan 1909 letter is from Walter H. Upham, offering condolences to Miles Rose who was prominent in the local church and had arranged the service for Edgar Brownell.…

Union Church Letter Kebbe to Cooley 1903 4 pgs.pdf
Two letters proposing that the Granville churches form a "Union Church." The 1903 letter is from David Lyman Kibbe, pastor or the Congregational Church on the hill. The 1906 letter is from Edgar Alonzo Brownell of the Methodist Episcopal Church,…

Granville Methodist Quire 1888 front.jpg
Members of the Methodist Church choir, 1888. Note some disagreement on the identification of some people in the photo.
Letter is from Cora Holcomb regarding the death of her grandmother, Theodocia (Reed) Holcomb on 15 April 1885, inviting the…

Methodist Church Beech Hill front.jpg
Stereopticon image of the old Methodist Church on Beech Hill Road.

Methodist church marker on Beech Hill Rd. Placed 1907. MACRIS inventory #GRN 901

Color photos taken June 1, 2019 (Rowley).
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