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Gibbons Store Ad Flyer.jpg
A large advertising flyer mailed to Granville residents for the week of June 26, 1933. This pre-dates the fire of December 1934 when the store burned to the ground.

Year of the flyer is based on research by Brian Miller into the Jack Dempsey…

1790 Census Alpha Sorted.pdf
Two PDF files containing transcribed versions of the 1790 Census record for Granville, Massachusetts. 1. The first file is in ALPHABETICAL ORDER BY SURNAME. This version is most useful when searching for a particular family. 2. The second file is…

Barlow Mary Memorial for Children Book 1806.jpg
Title page of a book that belonged to Mary Barlow (1792-1885). The book is in the collection of the Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum, Granville, MA.Mary Barlow was the daughter of Lt. Edmund Barlow, Jr. and Tabitha Bancroft, married 1786. Lt.…

Rev Joel Baker Ordination Emerson Sermon 1797 06 21.pdf
A discourse delivered by Rev. John Emerson, Pastor of the Congregational Church at Conway, MA. on the occasion of the ordination of Rev. Joel Baker becoming Pastor of the Second Church of Granville (the West Granville church).

This document was…

Stow Granville Family File 2023 01 23.pdf
A copy of the Stow family notes from the Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum's files.  These notes include a map showing land owned by the first Stow to come to Granville. The map includes reference to the "Stow Cemetery" which is now known as the…

1870 Granville Town Reports.pdf
The 1870 Annual Reports for the Town of Granville, Massachusetts.

Barlow Property Cards Granville.pdf
Handwritten cards recording Barlow land transactions in Granville, Massachusetts.
These cards were created by William Heino, a local land surveyor, and donated to the Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum.

Disclaimer: Because the cards were copied…

Rockefeller Article 1979 04 13 Spelman-9424.jpg
A newspaper article dated April 13, 1979 describing the lineage of Laura Celestia Spelman, who married John D. Rockefeller. Her grandparents were Samuel B. Spelman and Laura Seymour, both of whom came from old Granville families. Rockefeller said of…

Granville Sun.jpg
IMPORTANT: The full text of all editions is available at THIS LINK to the Granville Public Library page on Internet Archive. Please click on the link to view the newspapers in full. You may want to use the "+" feature on the page to enlarge the print…

1924 Schools Report.pdf
Report from the Superintendent of Schools, published in the 1924 Town of Granville Annual Report.
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