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Granville Sun.jpg
IMPORTANT: The full text of all editions is available at THIS LINK to the Granville Public Library page on Internet Archive. Please click on the link to view the newspapers in full. You may want to use the "+" feature on the page to enlarge the print…

1924 Schools Report.pdf
Report from the Superintendent of Schools, published in the 1924 Town of Granville Annual Report.

Summer Homes and Farms West Granville-9026.jpg
Advertising flyer from a local realtor extolling the virtues of country life in West Granville. The goal was to draw would-be "country squire" types from the nearby city of Springfield. The flyer also sings the praises of Joseph Welch, "Honest to a…

Fenn Martha Poem.jpg
A poem written by Martha "Mattie" Morgan (Fenn) Bodurtha.Date unknown.CLICK HERE for a link to photo of Mattie and her family, 1896.

T M Cooley Letter.jpg
A letter sent to (Elihu) Geer, printer in Hartford, Connecticut from Reverend Timothy M. Cooley in Granville, April 1, 1846.

A hastily written letter by Reverend Cooley to Elihu Geer regarding the printing of his sermon that he delivered in 1845…

West Granby Academy Scholars 1856 1857 Term-001.jpg
A list of students who attended the West Granby academy for the 1856-57 term (11 weeks).

Moore Hattie Hall Old Friends of Tolland 1943 06 25 001.pdf
Transcript of an article published in the Evening Citizen, Winsted, Connecticut. Written by Hattie Hall Moore, long-time Tolland historian.

Reception Ball Grand Duke Alexis 1871 11 29-8631.jpg
An invitation to the Reception Ball for Russian Grand Duke Alexis, held on 20 Nov 1871 at the Academy of Music, New York City, during the Grand Duke's 1871-71 3 1/2 month visit to the United States. This invitation is from James P. Cooley's papers…

James Cooley Oration 1813 07 05 compressed.pdf
See the cover page of the document for information. James Cooley (1779-1851) was an attorney in Granville. His father, William Cooley, was a Captain during the Revolutionary War and led a company of Granville patriots. His son, James Parsons Cooley…

Gibbons Carlos and Almira Bible reduced file size.pdf
Portions of the Bible that belonged to Carlos and Almira Gibbons of Granville, MA.For more information about the Gibbons family history in Granville please use the search function to search this site using the name Gibbons. You can also find more…

Third Granville Social Library Encyclopaedia K to MIN 5-7710.jpg
Before the current Granville Library came into existence thanks to the work of the Library Club, Granville had a series of libraries under various names. One was the Dickinson Library Company and before that the Third Granville Social Library, the…
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