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Barlow Property Cards Granville.pdf
Handwritten cards recording Barlow land transactions in Granville, Massachusetts.
These cards were created by William Heino, a local land surveyor, and donated to the Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum.

Disclaimer: Because the cards were copied…

Barlow Bible 2019 10 02.pdf
The Barlow family Bible, family genealogy notes. Includes other items and accounts.

The second document is a transcription of Samuel Barlow's comments regarding the death of Corp. Orrin L. Barlow (also known as Leland O. Barlow), who died at the…

Main Road 0492 Albert Quagraralio 1941  Hiers Photo 101-5267.jpg
R. Barlow House, 1837, 492 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 73

Photo 1: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers.

The home of Albert Quagraralio in 1941.
Later the location of Honest Fred's used cars.

Noble O R House front.jpg
R. Barlow House, c. 1840, 488 Main Rd. MACRIS Inv. #GRN 74

Suzie Snelgrove contributed the following additional information; July 2020: "A little more history. My Grandmother Fannie Wackerbarth bought this house March 30, 1946 from Raymond and…
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