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Grandma and Leona 2018 12 08 TMP_5593_007.jpg
Francena (Reed) Nelson (1841-1916) with granddaughter Leona Aldrich (1912-1990). Francena was the wife of Major Nelson. Leona was the daughter of George H. Aldrich and Ruth F. (Nelson) Aldrich.

Suhm 01.jpg
The first photo was taken around 1920. See image with list of names. Charles and Frederica came to the U.S. from Germany in 1880. They lived in Springfield and retired to Granville, probably in the 1920's. The next two pictures are from the 1940's:…

No Notes 2018 12 08 TMP_5598_012.jpg
Two unidentified women on the left, then Ruth (Nelson) Aldrich and George Aldrich (photographer). The young girl is May (Aldrich) Hague.

HRM Mildred Rowley Stiles with doll, 1895 v2.jpg
Mildred (Rowley) Stiles with her doll. Picture taken 1895 by her father Roswell O. Rowley at their home at 522 Main Road in Granville. The doll in the picture is in the Granville Library Historical Room collection.Later pictures are 1955 and 1968.…

Historical Room-017_00049.jpg
Miles Jeptha Rose (1839-1915) and Sophia Lucinda (Beach) Rose (1843-1928). There is a large framed version of this photo in the Historical Room. Miles and Sophia are buried in the Silver Street Cemetery.

HRI Dr Rockwell with horse and carriage front.tif
Dr. Rockwell at the corner of Maple Street (now Main Road) and Old Westfield Road. House in the background, 458 Main Road, is still there.
42°04'02.9"N 72°51'30.1"W
42.067471, -72.858369

HRI Thompson Charles B front.tif
Charles B. Thompson, a local farmer and butcher. Photo taken from the home of Retta and Merrill Clark.

Ransom Mr and Mrs Ed.jpg
Mr and Mrs Edward (1867-1956) and Sarah (1873-1954) Ransom

HRI Peterson Mrs Joe by Fireplace front.jpg
Photo of Severina "Berthea" (Spetland) Petersen (Mrs. Joe Petersen). Photo taken just before World War 2 at the Petersen home, 22 Water Street, Granville.

Mrs. Petersen was born on 29 Oct 1878 in Norway. In 1895 she came to America, arriving in…
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