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Horse and Rider 1927 by Granville Library-8522.jpg
A horse and rider pass by the Granville Library headed west on Maple Street (now Main Road), 1927.

Granville Library Plans Front Elevation.jpg
Plans, contract, and a project outline by the Springfield architectural firm Gardner, Pyne & Gardner for the construction of the Granville Public Library at 2 Granby Road, Granville, Massachusetts.

The architectural design of the Granville Public…

Library Four Ladies on Steps.jpg
Photo showing (bottom to top step): Myrtie Hunt, Grace Hunt, Mildred Rowley, Bertha Bancroft, Dorothy Tryon. Date unknown.

Granville Library Card No 1 1902001.jpg
Granville Free Public Library, Library Card Number 1, issued to Freda Noble in 1902. The library acquired a date stamp some time after April 9, 1902, and subsequent date entries have faded and become illegible.

Note the Library Hours and…

Henry Mabel Root retirement clipping.jpg
Newspaper article about Mabel Root Henry, librarian at the Granville Public Library from 1902 to 1956. The Mabel Root Henry Historical Room at the library is named in her honor.

Granville Public Library 1923 snow001.jpg
Granville Public Library, 1923.

No-snow photo from the Viola Elizabeth Bettinger (1899-1983) photo album. Viola Bettinger was a teacher at the old Granville Village School during the early 1920's. Her photo album was donated to the Granville…

Granville Library 002.jpg
Granville Public Library, completed 1901. The library was officially opened on February 22, 1902.

Construction photo shows Ria Brower Cooley holding a brick and trowel, laying the first bricks for the library construction. The mason looks a bit…

Children on Granville Library Steps.jpg
Children on the steps of the Granville Public Library. Believed to be 1933. This would be the last class to attend the old Village School on Granby Road, before the new Village School on Main Road was completed in December 1933 and occupied in…

Granby Road 0002 Danny Nason photo.jpg
The Granville Public Library, 2 Granby Road, Granville, MA. 010341. Front View: Danny Dason photo (see "Rights").2. Aerial Photo: 27 Dec 2020 (see "Rights").3. The library fireplace and portrait of Milton B. Whitney, 2019 or 2020. Granville Library…

Suhm 1977 02 19_00314.jpg
Newspaper photo of Mr. and Mrs. Gustave Suhm donating a collection of jazz and classical records to the Granville Public Library, 1977
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