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Winter 2019 12 30 Chase Photo.jpg
Winter in Granville, beginning December 2019. Photos in order as displayed:

1. Main Road, 30 Dec 2019 ice storm.
2. Main Road, 30 Dec 2019, ice storm.
3. Main Road, 01 Jan 2020
4 & 5: Blandford Road, 01 Jan 2020

Pine Lake Rainbow 2019 10 13.jpg
In order shown:
1. Pine Lake
2. Wild Cat Road
3. Shaughnessey Swamp
4. Wild Cat Road.
5. Tolland (close enough to Granville!)
6. Reagan Road
7. Old Westfield Road near town line

Harvest Fair 2019.jpg
Granville's annual Harvest Fair is a classic New England fall fair. These photos are from the 2019 Fair.
The 2020 Harvest Fair was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Thanks to photographer Danny Nason for allowing display of his copyrighted…

Judy Jordan portrait photo.jpg
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Truck Accident Churcxh Parking Lot 2019 06 04 GFD photo 2.jpg
On June 4, 2019 at around 10 PM the Granville Fire and Police Departments responded to a truck roll-over, with the truck ending up in the Federated Church parking lot. No serious injuries.

Memorial Day Granville 2019 05 26 GFD photo.jpg
Memorial Day gathering at the Federated Church and on the green.

Main Road Sheep 2019 05 10.jpg
Betty (white), Leo (brown), and Wilma (gray) headed for the hills. May 10, 2019.
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