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Bauver Retirement Granville FD 2022.jpg
As announced by the Granville FD via Facebook, August 9, 2022:"The Granville Fire Department would like to proudly announce the retirement of our longest attending member, Wes Bauver.Wes joined July of 1988 serving in all capacities concluding with…

Fire Department Granville 1950 19 23 newspaper-7702.jpg
Please see the caption under the photo.

Photo was shared on the Granville Tolland Community group page, June 2021. Shared memories:

DC: "That beautiful Diamond T was the Cadillac of trucks. I think it was a 1947 or '48. When the Fire Dept.…

Truck Accident Churcxh Parking Lot 2019 06 04 GFD photo 2.jpg
On June 4, 2019 at around 10 PM the Granville Fire and Police Departments responded to a truck roll-over, with the truck ending up in the Federated Church parking lot. No serious injuries.

Town Garage Summer 1998 Paul Jensen photo.jpg
Scenes At The Town Garage. Photos by Paul Jensen.
Town Treasurer's Vault: Summer 1998.
Civil Defense Vehicle: June 10, 1999
Granville Fire Dept. Truck: May 23, 1999
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