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Truck Accident Churcxh Parking Lot 2019 06 04 GFD photo 2.jpg
On June 4, 2019 at around 10 PM the Granville Fire and Police Departments responded to a truck roll-over, with the truck ending up in the Federated Church parking lot. No serious injuries.

Village Aerial 1978 Wally Huntington Photo.jpg
Picture shows what is now the Green, with Main Road (Route 57) running across the picture, and Granby Road (Route 189) coming up from the south. Stacker's house and the Grange are still standing in this picture. Today there are no structures on the…

Granby Road Mill in the Meadow copyright  J G Coleman Photography.jpg
The Mill in the Meadow was constructed in 1976 by Ralph Hiers, assisted by his grandson Matt Jones. Ralph was quite an expert in old mill sites in the Granville area. You can listen to him speak on that and other Granville history topics at THIS…
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