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Granville Hill at Nestrovitch001.jpg
Granville Hill looking east down the hill from the area near Nestrovich farm. Possibly Feb. 1945 storm.

Granville School Bus on Water Street v2-8039.jpg
The Granville "school bus" proceeding west past the Noble & Cooley drum shop at 42 Water Street, Granville, Massachusetts.

This photo was taken prior to the removal of the bridge in the background, which ran between N&C buildings 14 and 15. It was…

Village Aerial 1978 Wally Huntington Photo.jpg
Picture shows what is now the Green, with Main Road (Route 57) running across the picture, and Granby Road (Route 189) coming up from the south. Stacker's house and the Grange are still standing in this picture. Today there are no structures on the…

HRI Granville Village from Hill Behind Roberts House Nestrovich front.jpg
Granville Village from the hill, taken from behind Wells(?) Roberts' house (now Nestrovich farm) on Main Road.

Granville Center From Hill with Noble and Cooley front.jpg
View of the village from Granville Hill. Date unknown. Photo taken by George Aldrich. Two images donated, one from Wilhelmina Tryon, the other from May Nobbs. One image is a photo, the other is a postcard. The postcard is dated 1938.

To the left…

Wildcat Road Waterfall 1932 04-8821.jpg
Photo of Hollister Brook falls near Wildcat Road, Granville, Massachusetts, 1932. CLICK HERE to view a present-day photo of the falls.
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