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1942 12 29 storm Wilcox hotel.jpg
Snowstorm of 29 Dec 1942, Hiers photo. Wilcox Hotel is on the right. Old Universalist Church (gone) steeple in the background. Granville Country Store is just out of sight on the left. Gas sign is visible. View is looking northwest toward Main Road.

Granville 1870 Map.jpg
Granville, Massachusetts Maps, 1870. Maps can be enlarged by clicking on the map.

1. Map of Granville
2. East Granville (Granville Center)
3. Granville Corners (Village)
4. West Granville
5. Detail Map: Northwest
6. Detail Map: Northeast

Green with Fed Church and Wilcox Hotel.jpg
An interesting view of what is now the green. This is looking north from the fork in Granby Road near the Federated Church parking lot. The Granville Store is just out of sight to the left. Left to right, the Universalist Church (gone) is in the…

Granby Road Blacksmith Shop Wilcox Hotel before 1920.jpg
Pictures of the blacksmith shop that was located at the south end of what is now the village green. It was owned by Augustine Holcomb (1818-1893). He is buried in Silver Street Cemetery with his wife, Alvira (Dickinson) Holcomb.

According to…

HRI Granville Village from Hill Behind Roberts House Nestrovich front.jpg
Granville Village from the hill, taken from behind Wells(?) Roberts' house (now Nestrovich farm) on Main Road.

High Rock Shack Postcard001.jpg
A collection of photos and postcards from and at high rock, overlooking Granville village. Also referred to as "Hi Rock."

This subject was crowd-sourced on 11 May 2018 via the Granville-Tolland Community Forum (Facebook). The following information…
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