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Village Green 2020 October Snow Copyright Scott Lomis.jpg
The Granville Village Green, October 2020. Photo by Scott Loomis, copyright 2020.

West Granville Church Halloween 2020 1.jpg
Scarecrow Reunion and Trick or Treat Trail event at the West Granville Congregational Church, Halloween 2020 (31 October). A fun time was had by all at this pandemic-era event.

Noble and Cooley.pdf
An article published in the Journal of Antiques and Collectibles, by Judy Gonyeau with Jay Jones, sixth-generation owner of Noble & Cooley.

Comet Neowise 2020 07 17 Dorrie Holmes Photo.jpg
Comet Neowise photographed from Granville, July 17, 2020 around 9:30. Location: Northwest sky, find the big dipper, then look below the cup of the dipper and little bit to the right.

Library Pandemic 2020 07 15.JPG
1. Notices in front of the library, summer 2020. 2. Outdoor Story Time: Linda Dickinson entertains the kids with a story, October 3, 2020. 3 & 4. More story time October 31, 2020, complete with snow.The only good thing about the pandemic is you…

Toby Fillion 2020 04.jpg
Toby, the Fillion family dog enjoying the sun. 19 April 2020. Toby is Granville's #1 dog and has the license tag to prove it.

Beginning in February 2019 Carolyn Donatini began writing a monthly article for the Granville "Country Caller." The articles for 2020 appear on this page. CLICK HERE for the 2019 articles. CLICK HERE for more information on the Woodlands Cemetery, a…
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